The Groves of Michigan is located in South Central Michigan in the Irish Hills near Brooklyn, Michigan. The area is most well known for Michigan International Speedway and the beautiful lakes of the region.

The area was a popular stop along the stage coach ride from Detroit to Chicago and was settled in by many Irish immigrants in the mid 1800's when they were relocating due to the potatoe famine of 1846. They chose the area, in part, due to the green rolling hills which are reminiscent of their homeland. The Irish Hills was predominately farms and orchards until the 1920s when it started to become a popular tourist destination.

The Irish Hills has over 50 lakes - many of which have public beaches and public boat launches. The campground is within a roughly 10 minute drive to several public beaches.

The Groves is located just above the H in "IRISH HILLS".

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Nearby ciites for shopping and visiting include: Brooklyn, Jackson, Adrian, Tecumpseh.